Solen Shorthairs

British Shorthair Silver Tabbies

Based in rural Shropshire


Welcome to Solen Shorthairs, home to beautiful British Shorthair cats. I'm Pete, a veterinary surgeon and hobby breeder located in rural Shropshire. With a lifelong affinity for British Shorthairs, having grown up with the breed, I take great pride in working to continue the lines of these fantastic family pets.

At Solen Shorthairs, we specialise in British Shorthair Silver Tabbies, a decision based primarily on my wife's opinion that they're the most alluring colour variant of the breed; along with the fact that my children believe they look like miniature snow leopards. However, their captivating appearance aside, it is their gentle, calm, tolerant nature that makes for ideal feline companions.

As a devoted breeder and medical professional, I prioritise the well-being of our cats. Each kitten is raised with care and diligence, and equally important, is well socialised in a vibrant child and pet filled household.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Solen Shorthairs.

The Breed

  • History

    The British Shorthair is a breed with a rich history originating in the United Kingdom. Following their import by Roman soldiers, who used them to keep their camps clear of vermin, these immigrant felines developed over centuries into large, robust cats with short, dense coats, to help protect them against the harsh British climate. Eventually, they gained popularity for their distinctive appearance and charming personalities.

  • Physical Characteristics

    British Shorthair Silver Tabbies have a striking silver coat broken up with black stripes, swirls and spots: iconic tabby markings. They possess a sturdy and muscular build (cobby), a broad chest, and a round face, typically set with large, copper eyes and a gentle expression.

  • Temperament

    British Shorthair are known for their calm and easygoing nature. They are independent yet enjoy the company of people and other pets. They are playful, but not overly demanding, making them great companions for the whole family.

  • Care & Grooming

    When it comes to grooming, British Shorthairs are a low-maintenance breed, requiring only a weekly brush to keep their coat in good condition. They are best suited for indoor living, as their gentle temperaments and trusting personalities make them far from street-wise.


For those interested in welcoming a new furry addition into their lives, please take a look at our Google registration form below. We will get in touch whenever we have kittens available.